Houston/Galveston Area Parliamentary Units

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Bayshore Unit of Parliamentarians

President - Tophas Anderson
Vice President - Judith Joe
Secretary - Veronica Johnson
Treasurer - Vicky Fransham

2021 Lesson Topics

September 13th, 2021
Lynell Wright
Postpone Indefinitely
October 11th, 2021

Lucy Anderson

Bylaws Amendment vs. Revision

November 8th, 2021
Gail Lover, PRP
Almeda Dent

Amend: Primary, Secondary, Substitution, Insert, Add, Strike Out, Strike and Insert

December 13th, 2021
Vicky Fransham
Lynell Wright
The 2021 Christmas Event

January 10th, 2022
Connie Surrency
Commit (Refer)
Postpone Indefinitely

February 14th, 2022
Veronica Johnson
Donna Mitchell
Limit or Extend Debate   
Previous Question 
March 14th, 2022
Lucy Anderson, PRP
Lee Woodward, PRP
Lay on the Table  
Call for Orders of the Day 
April 11th, 2022
Cherise Story

Raise a Question of Privilege
May 9th, 2022
 Vicky Fransham 

Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn

Meeting Information

During the pandemic, meetings are virtual.  Send a request to join the virtual meeting to:  WAParliamentarian@gmail.com.